Why Hiking is Good For You

Most importantly for today, we want to remind you why hiking and getting out into the great outdoors is so beneficial and why we all love it so much.

  • Fitness – When it comes to fitness hiking take on both mental and physical fitness. Making sure that you get the workout your mind and body needs to stay healthy. While the idea of going to the gym every day might sound great, but the truth is working out in a confined space might make you appear fit but it does not allow you to boost your mental health. Keeping in mind that when hiking your quadriceps, lower leg, hip muscle, and hamstring are in play. While the fresh air and connection with nature allows your mind to flourish.
  • Increase Creativity – Research suggests that when you spend time taking part in an outdoor activity you are able to boost your attention span and enhance creative problem-solving skills by 50%. Allowing you to think out of the box, and get out of tight spots twice as faster than you normally do. In addition, hiking helps in getting your creative juices to start flowing, so unplug yourself and start your hike.
  • Happiness & Depression – One of the most amazing benefits of hiking is that it allows you to reconnect with yourself. Offering you a sense of understanding and peace. This feeling can help connect you with things that matter most in life, so you can truly be happy. Moreover, hiking on a regular basis is considered to be therapeutic for those fighting depression. Research shows that severe depression can be cut down, all you have to do is start hiking.
  • Blood Pressure & Cholesterol – Hiking on a regular basis can help you decrease your blood pressure, along with bad cholesterol. Reducing your chances of getting a heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other high-risk diseases. Furthermore, hiking on a downhill track is twice as effective when it comes to fighting blood sugars. In addition, it can help improve your glucose tolerance.
  • Healing – Studies show that hiking offers a different range of benefits, these go beyond your heart health. As there have been cases where regular hiking has helped cancer patients recover. The International Journal of Sports Medicine found that hiking trips can help improve your antioxidant capacity that can help fight many major diseases. As it’s focused on the blood of oncological patients, it narrows down to healing from cancer. Moreover, breast cancer patients who have taken on hiking rave about hiking complemented their recovery treatment.