Principles of training and progression

The human body is remarkable, we’ve seen people throughout history do remarkable things. But, one very important thing to remember is that with these feats, they have had to train their body to be able to reach that.

Their body has adapted with progressive overloading. Progressive overloading involves slowly increasing the weight we do or increasing the distance on a run or a walk. This may sound simple, but often simple common sense concepts are what works.

These are some of the many ways we can push our bodies and encourage them to adapt.

A balanced combination of all these types of training is a great recipe for a fitter body. But how will we know how we’ve progressed? There are many apps out there can help us with tracking our progress, smartwatches too. Another great reference point is recognised fitness testing to track your progress. One thing to remember though is not where we start on the scale, but how far we’ve come.

A great training mindset is one that realises you don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. You compare yourself to your old self. It’s so much more rewarding!

Keep this in mind with all the training that you do throughout the following 28 days and beyond.