Week 1 Fitness Classes

The key to getting hike fit is to start moving your body more. This is the key element of why this program works.

Important to remember, it doesn’t matter if you can only do 10 minutes of the class, it’s a start and that is what we need to start our fitness journey.

The way Hike Fit works is that you do the fitness classes, these are the non-negotiable part of the course and are what will get you fit and ready to take on the hills.


This is your week of fitness classes, there are flour classes provided for you here with a day in between to allow for recovery. Recovery days are an active recovery, which means going for a 30-minute walk or a 30-minute bike ride, or any exercise that you enjoy doing. So set aside 30 minutes each day for fitness, it is only for four weeks and this is what is going to get you your results.

Monday: Body Weight Fitness Session
Wednesday: HIIT Session

Friday: Foam Roller Class

Saturday/Sunday: Bodyweight Strength Session