Workshops and Courses

We provide the skills, support, motivation and opportunities for people to gain courage and live life with more adventure.

Workshops and Self-Paced Courses

To inspire and motivate you!

We offer a range of services to help you build confidence on the trail, wherever you are on your hiking journey. We’ve been taking people on adventures for years and with our background as fitness instructors, park ranges, nutritionist and guides, we’re dissecting our knowledge into bite-size courses so you can learn all the tips and tricks to become the best adventurer you can be. 


Do something for you- whether it’s a learn to navigate workshop, a meal planning program or getting started course, you’ll come away with new knowledge, skills, a sense of achievement and satisfaction that you’ve done something good for yourself.


Join our membership program and you’ll get the discounted member price on all workshops and courses. Plus discounts on all trips and a free short hike each month.


More information on membership here.

Get off the couch

Let us motivate you to move more and feel good

Take time to learn new skills

Equip yourself with new skills and knowledge; whether its food, exercise, navigation training to getting started into hiking.

Take time to do more for you

Learn skills that will save you time, energy and effort to make easy habit changes to improve your life

Community & Support

You are not alone. We are all on a journey to reach the top of our personal mountain. We will support and encourage you through sharing experiences, expert advice, shared social events and a community of like minded people.

Climb The Mountain

No more flatlining. Identifying your purpose - your ‘Why’ - is the secret ingredient to living your best life. Visualizing your mountain, the place you want to get to, helps guide your actions and gives you the courage to create your own story.

Become a member to get discounts on all our webinars and courses

We recognise and celebrate that everyone's journey is different. Let us help you get you off the couch and up your mountain. We love helping people like you. Whether it be adventures, fitness, mindset or educational workshops, come join our journey and learn more here.

Workshops and Webinars 

Our live workshops are fun, educational and interactive. They are a great way to book in some ‘you time’, have a bit of social interaction with like-minded people, ask questions and learn a trick or two. We keep our numbers capped to allow for a more personal experience where we can all interact. 


Our workshops can be anything from Intuitive Eating, Foot Workshop to promote healthy feet for hiking, Bag Workshops to explain what bag to use on what adventure. And more! 

Self-Paced Online Courses 

If you prefer to go it alone in your own time or can’t make it to the live webinars, the self-paced option will be perfect for you. Pick it up whenever suits you and fit it around your schedule whilst getting a comprehensive and thorough tutorial.


Our self-paced courses range from Navigation teaching you the basics of getting around on the trail, Food Planning to get you thinking about nutrition to a Getting Starting course for those new to hiking. 

Self-Paced Online Courses

Our live workshops are fun, educational and interactive. They are a great way to book in some ‘you’ time, have a bit of social interaction with likeminded people, ask questions, and learn a trick or two! We keep our numbers capped to allow for a more personal experience where we can all interact. Prefer to go it alone in your own time or can’t make it to the live webinar? The self-paced option is for you. Pick it up whenever suits and fit it around your schedule while still getting a comprehensive & thorough tutorial.

Hike With Confidence:

28 Day HikeFit Challenge

Fool Proof Food Planning

Navigate With Confidence

Super Salad Cook Workshop​

Mindful Eating & Cooking Workshop

Motivate Me

Success Stories

I was in despair about everything, especially the loss of my valued yoga and pilates classes. I was sitting there and wondering what I was going to, when suddenly a FB message popped from TSA about PT sessions. I was so grateful that I was immediately able to get Molly as my trainer, and I started to feel instantly motivated. Molly is an absolute delight!!! I had so many enjoyable sessions with Molly. These sessions were an absolute highlight of my week, I really valued the opportunity. Not only did these sessions help motivate me and keep up my fitness, but it was a great opportunity to have some personal contact with someone. I spent more time with Molly than my family and friends! Molly has been encouraging and has continually tailored the sessions to suit my needs.

So, a huge thank you to TSA for replying to my initial request so quickly. And a massive thanks to Molly for being such a delightful person and a great trainer.

Thanks. Jodi




Most of the people that come on our tours come by themselves. Our community is built on friendships that have been made on our trips, experiencing something life changing together, the shared memories and also goals to do more in the future! We encourage people not to be anxious about coming on these trips by yourself as we promise you will leave with some like minded friends and be really glad you made the decision to get out of your comfort zone and join in.


Our community is our backbone. We have had so many people start with no hiking experience, basic fitness and not knowing anyone on our trips. These same people have gone on to do some incredible multi day hiking trips with us and their friends they have met in our community. Witnessing the development of their fitness, confidence, experience, friendships and happiness is why we do what we do. Come join us and let us help you get from the couch to the top of the mountain!


Experiences, not things. The moments that take your breath away. The feeling of accomplishment and the realisation that you are capable of so much more than what you thought. The views that blow your mind and the ticking off of bucket list items. We take all the hard work out of it for you. We organise the lot so you can just turn up and get the best of your experience without all the headaches of organising/logistics. We make it easy for you to do all the thing you want to do –  you just need to turn up and be ready to jump into life!